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Challenges forum doesn't work.
You can change the input fields. Simply find the default stylesheet and change them there Wink

Though I don't know what the problem is with .9. Did you get the beta or the proper version?
i clicked on your link in your sig to get it. so i got that version.
the mind is a beautiful thing, use it and make the world a more beautiful place.
That's just a link to the firefox homepage, so *when* you clicked it would be better info Wink.
well. it wasn't the beta version. and i still found some problems. even after i uninstalled everything, it doesn't work. i can still get .8 to work but i would have liked to explore .9 a bit more than 0 seconds.
the mind is a beautiful thing, use it and make the world a more beautiful place.
Hmmm, well I can't help you Sad. Besides, the changelog isn't too impressive, one major bug fix (which is a fix of a feature you probably don't use anyway) and a few minor ones. And many people are moaning about the new theme...
well, i got safe mode to work properly. is safe mode any different than the regular mode?
the mind is a beautiful thing, use it and make the world a more beautiful place.
Quote:do you close-minded simpletons realize yet that your only argument is "i use it and M$ sucks so use it cause its the coolest and better. you don't need toolbarz cause its got built in stuffs."

Oh my god. do you really think any of us here are that shallow? You are deluded if you think so. I for one actually like Microsoft. I think the produce good products and usually hate people who disrespect them just because Windows has the occasional bug etc.
And there is no reason for you to insult users of Firefox like that. I thought you were more mature.

I use Firefox because:

1. It is more refined, and has tools that make surfing easier.
2. I like the themes it provides
3. I like the way it has everything I need for surfing incorporated.

So get over it.

Quote:Don't fix it if it aint broken. there is nothing 'wrong' with Internet Explorer.
You also say that this is what you have beeen saying the entire time. Do you not think I realised that? And look at what you are saying: You are saying there is no point in Firefox because IE is just as good. It isnt, im afraid. It has more, is faster (for me) and is generally just a really good web browser. If you cant see the advantages, then you are blind.
I like that firefox shows text inside the tables, even before the whole table is downloaded. IE doesn't do that, and it can be extremly anoying on poorly designed big pages.
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