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Forum changes
Quote:Ok I've simplfied things now, tech talk/general have been merged back together.

The debate and discussion forum will still continue, and will be the place it was created for.

1000101: I just want to clarify that Oracle and the other admins did not initiate any of the changes. I merely asked their opionions.

I was gonna ask where Tech Talk is. LOL
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Quote:& as far as this site Wildcard you done a wonderful job putting it together. Don't let them tear what you built down . 8)
wildcard didn't put this site together...someone else did. The of today has been modified since its inception, though. Personally, I don't see what the big deal is about the added forum, but I did have quite a bit to say about the changes to the forum rules for the General section. Things have been resolved since then, so now people need to just stfu and get on with life. Big Grin
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