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The QBCPC 2004/2005 is 100% renewed and reopened!
Quote:And, if I remember in the dictionary correctly, man, apparently, the words “witchcraft” and “sorcery” simply mean the usual use of magic for evil purposes, and the words “sorcerer”, “sorceress”, and “witch” simply mean male and female practitioners of magic, used usually for evil purposes. And that is why I do not trust that kind of stuff being in my compo (much less do I even allow it, too), because, that tends to detract from something positive overall about my compo, in a way. Sorry about that. Sad

News to me. I practice witchcraft and I dont do it for evil purposes. *checks dictionary*

1. Magic; sorcery.
2. Wicca.
3. A magical or irresistible influence, attraction, or charm.

Use of supernatural power over others through the assistance of spirits; witchcraft.

In fact, Wiccans use magic, and are prohibited to use it for evil (The threefold rule states that what you do will come back to you threefold, hence if you do evil, it will return to you threefold. the Wiccan Rede states "An it harm none, do as ye will." in other words, do as you want as long as you dont harm anyone.)

Quote:As for halloween-based material, please remember that the reason why it is *clearly* not allowed in my compos is because, to be obvious (and sad to say, this is still true even today!), that tends to scare off and even frighten away at least some people viewing the projects that have that up there, as that kind of material tends to both create something needlessly inappropriate for at least some people and even help create an overall since and atmosphere of negativity and loss. I have been there, and know well enough that that doesn’t bring anything positive out of that. Ever.

The original halloween, or Samhain, was a beautiful holiday where the gods were thanked for the bountiful crops, and where many families prepared a feast in honor of those who had passed away. Sweets were set out for the souls of the children who were to return that night, where the veil between the living world and the dead world was the thinnest. It has no relation to the secular or Christian version of the holiday, which features scary creatures and other things. I have a powerpoint presention explaining the holiday if anyone or you are interested in seeing it.

Quote:And also, since the words “vampire” and “vampiress” tend to mean male and female undead-like beings that bite even the necks of victims and drink away their blood, even while the victim is asleep, too, I do not even trust them being in my compo at all either, nor do I even allow them too. You know why? Because it just tends to frighten off and even offend some other people and even give others some unwanted nightmares, as that kind of stuff presents something inappropriate (and even horrifying) to some.

I would like to think that everyone here on this forum is mature enough to know that these creatures are make-believe. If someone after the age of 10 is still having nightmares because they are scared of vampires or whatever, i recommend psychological help, now.

Quote:On the guaranteed positive side, you are clearly and *ABSOLUTELY ALLOWED* plenty of other beings in your project of my compo (including even NEW ones that was _absolutely_ forbidden from my previous compos, too!). Dragons, gryphons, any type of your own original animésque fantasy-based human-like/imaginative beings, leprechauns, catgirls, mermaids, centaurs, YOU NAME IT ON THAT HERE, YOU ARE SO WELCOME TO IT!! ^_- !! Simple as that, Adosorken. Simple as that.

At least you have progressed in that aspect. - Done! Smile Ask about our hosting Wink

-Goddess of the of the No More Religion Threads movement Smile
I am impressed with your improved style of writing Big Grin. You really changed your style radically. :wink:
I was certainly not wrong about you before AAP, and although you've made some changes, you've still got a long long way to go. I won't be entering this compo either.

Magic and sorcery are the basis for virtually all of my games, except little ones which I make for quick compos (like Fundee, for example). In fact, magic in and of itself plays a pretty vital role in my own personal life. For you to say that magic is evil (and claiming a dictionary said are you reading, Ken Coperland's dictionary? no normal dictionary says that crap) is an insult to me and all I represent. As usual, you do a pretty good job of being offensive.
I'd knock on wood, but my desk is particle board.
The stuff you disallow in rule #6 are basis stuff in almost any fantasy rpg... It's imagination, meaning it's not real life, so I see no reason why you are so afraid of having it in a game. I mean, c'mon, little dots on the screen :roll:

#12 is totally laughable, and #21 is just plain stupid. Who creates this stuff, heard about who owns what they create themselves? Better read it again then.
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Because he somehow believes that magic is evil and therefore negative. Well I hate to be the bearer of THE FSCKING OBVIOUS, but you cannot have conflict without a negative concept. It just isn't possible. A puzzle game without enemies is not a conflict, it's a mental challenge. And unless this compo is only open to puzzle games, there's going to be a negative concept regardless.

Bleh...why do I even try. I'm wasting my time.
I'd knock on wood, but my desk is particle board.
Quote:Bleh...why do I even try. I'm wasting my time.

Who's up for being apathetic?
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Does anyone else get a feeling as if they are watching Fox whenever they visit that website? Jesus Christ, it's like he's forcing every phrase he thinks I need to know down my throat using highlights and colours!
AAP I think you should remove the restrictions on 'Fairy Tale Creatures', since most people want them.
To TheBigBasicQ:

Out of all of the replies that took place since my last reply before my current one, I AM GONNA GET DOWNRIGHT DEAD-ON POSITIVE ( Big Grin ! ) and confess personally that yours was the *only* truly honest and to-the-point one here. Therefore, man, I am going with you on your reply. TheBigBasicQ, I am already in the process of revising a little bit of my rules to fit your point here. I mean, I tell you, when I first got started today, I literally felt like my stomach was really turning and felt like my beliefs were being truly ripped painfully apart into two, BUT, if what you said which was............

Quote:AAP I think you should remove the restrictions on 'Fairy Tale Creatures', since most people want them. what people want as their own decision indeed, then hey, it is their decision indeed on that. Period. And so, I have made what is allowed in my compo to be even more specific than ever, even based on your last recent reply in this thread, too! Expect the slight but significant changes to be shown today or tomorrow on the QBCPC 2004/2005 as it rolls on!

I am *not* even talking about religion or anything like that. I was just being real, that is all. Wink !

See you again, and thanks a lot on your dead-on honest support! :king: !!


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So then...everyone else was being dishonest and not to-the-point? Wow, you continue to amaze me with your insolence. :-? :x
I'd knock on wood, but my desk is particle board.

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