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The QBCPC 2004/2005 is 100% renewed and reopened!
Why do you care? You didnt care when someone posted that a little child was brutally murdered in Canada. So why do you care to 'deliver a rude awakening' to AAP?

You keep contradicting yourself. You said you would ignore him but clearly your persistance to reply in each of his posts proves otherwise. You just like to keep insulting him under the guise of a 'rude awakening'. I can see right through you Big Grin(Now havent I heard that somewhere else? :rotflSmile
Nek is not insulting. He's telling truths.

The rules are plainly insulting. They are an insult to intelligence. I guess that "Lord of the Rings" is some kind of devil's work for this guy. And that's stupid.
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Damn! I thought Nek would reply to my post with a huge block of text :rotfl:

Quote:Nek is not insulting. He's telling truths.

The rules are plainly insulting. They are an insult to intelligence.

I havent seen much intelligence in this this thread upto now :wink:
TBBQ, just stop trying to start flamewars all the time, it's getting tiresome.

And I find AAP's rules more offesive then the fact that some random child died, it didn't effect me.

AAP's rules, and BS, however, do effect me.

(WTF (my humble appologies to you AAP for using this FEARed and EVIL acronym), affect, effect?.. argh... *runs away screaming*)

I don't wanna side with noone, but thing is if you hate/dislike/loath him that much then just ignore him. I personally like to believe in people, and actually no ones too old to learn or change. So AAP don't listen to them, but also don't do what so offends them either, have faith. 8) But what do I know... that's just silly little me...
Z!re: Haha :rotfl: You should check your actions before opening your mouth :wink:
TBBQ: Err? "Check my actions"? Are you "confused"?
He can keep his rules. It's his insults and insolence on this forum that pisses me off. His rules don't really mean much; I was simply telling him that if he doesn't shape up, he's gonna get shipped out...AGAIN. And again. And again. And again. History repeats itself. And TBBQ, I know how much you wanna fight with me, but it's going to take more than an empty threat to get the best of me. If you got a problem with me, let's deal with it the civilized way.
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^ Best suggestion I've read in this thread so far.
Adosorken: Ah yes. Settle what? :rotfl:. Dont you get it when someone is trying to provoke you on purpose? I just love to see people spew out crap when they are angry :wink:

Z!re: :rotfl: [Image: finger009.gif] You just crack me up with your replies.

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