Poll: Would you mind having ads on the main site???
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27 100.00%
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Yes but not google ads
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Total 27 vote(s) 100%
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Ads on the main site
No, I see it now Tongue I had my ad-blocker on Wink
Quote:n the other hand, you could also set up a PayPal account for QBasic News and have people voluntarily donate money.

Good idea. Why don't you give us an idea of how much you are spending, and it'll encourage people to donate. I'm sure everyone can donate something, even if it's a dollar every three months or something. Smile
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I don't really feel comfortable having a donating bit on qbasicnews.com. But its ok, a lot has changed since I started this thread.
Wildcard, no harm putting it up. Some rich old crazy guy might donate a few millions some day Wink. Anyway, I like the idea of ads. But please no popups =).
And it's unfair if you, Wildcard are paying for the host which we all then use, far more frequently than you do.... So I would say that none of us have a right to tell you that we dont want ads on the main site. I mean, its easy for us to say, we arent paying for the site.
If they help paying the bills, add them ASAP. I will just not look at them Big Grin

Just try that they don't fuck up the layout.
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As said before I'm not going with google ads or any banner/popup ads on the site or forums. Theres no major financial problems here, I was just thinking/testing out different possibilities. When some of the additions come in I may fix up the book section and the like.

Anyone up for some qbnews tshirts :lol:
you could join the amazon affilate scheme
url=http://www.spreadfirefox.com/?q=affiliates&id=0&t=79][Image: safer.gif][/url]
QBasic News T-shirts?! WHERE?!

there was a point where i would say that, but not so much now. I really don't see the problem with ads on the main site, like anybody visits it anymore (right? I just go strait to the forum). back to the T-shirts bit, if its something your seriously considering, don't use cafepress.com, they suck. i know from experience.

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Ads are fine, but not google ads.

(The poll is a bit hard to understand though, I voted: "Yes, but not google ads"... and I hope it means what i said above.)

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