Poll: Would you mind having ads on the main site???
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27 100.00%
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Yes but not google ads
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Total 27 vote(s) 100%
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Ads on the main site
i dont mind the ads. But put them below the logo and before the forum actually starts. That way you'll ensure their visibility. Also, IMO dont use google ads. Get some real commercial ads which will fetch lotsa clicks. There are very few ads pertaining to QB and such sites...
Sure, to cover the costs, but no google ads
I won't be running google ads or a trial of them. Seems pointless anyway.
I like the way of ads they use on www.gamedev.net
just a suggestion....
Quote:For a while I'm been wondering if I should/could place ads on the main site to help cover costs and help increase budget to host more sites. I'm posting a poll to get everyone's opionions. Here are two mockup/options if theres enough support/not too many complaints ;-)


Please post your comments/suggestions.

Why not? Go ahead. :*)
y smiley is 24 bit.
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I'm not a big fan of advertisements, but I wouldn't mind if there would be advertisements here.

Also, option #2 is ridiculous, please never put advertisements above and below your logo... In option #1 however, I didn't even see advertisements... Wink
Here's a strategy I've seen used by sites in the past:
You can create a specific "ads" page, and ask people on the message forum to click on them voluntarily, instead of intrusively putting them on the forum or the main page. If you wrote a little bit about how you need clicks to keep this site alive, etc., etc., you'd probably get more clicks. (Also, I'm sure there are some younger, more dedicated QBers here that would go "click crazy".....the excited new QB types that post things in the wrong forums and can't spell would probably be very dedicated clickers.)

Face it -- these days, banner ads are like digital furniture. You don't notice them, and you sure as hell don't click them. I myself haven't clicked a banner ad since about 1999. (Except for those damn "Punch The Monkey!" ones... those ones are too fun to pass up!)

On the other hand, you could also set up a PayPal account for QBasic News and have people voluntarily donate money.
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Neo, aindex at the bottom. bindex below the logo
Yeah, I knew where the advertisements in bindex.php were, but I don't know where they were in aindex.php. Now I see Wink
neo you have sight but you dont have vision =P.

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