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freeBASIC (a 32-bit QB-syntax compatible compiler) preview..
whoah... this is SO awesome!!! You have my full support v3cz0r! It looks totally sweet. Rock on! I'll wait for the release with baited breath! (I baited mine with cookies.)
Jumping Jahoolipers!
... and it would really be so hard to click "search and replace" and then "replace all" in the source code? Now you're just lazy Tongue
Wow great job v1ctor! FreeBASIC will kick a** seems like you've got a lot of progress done in 2 months, can't wait i'll most definetly be using it, keep up the good work!
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Really great work. Even though I've moved onto C++ mostly I'm glad to see that people are working to bring BASIC into this century. As a matter of fact I've been working on a BASIC myself lately, although I've thrown out the idea of QB compatibility and I'm targeting the .NET platform. Unlike VB I'm not aiming for Rapid Application Development, but a more general-purpose language. Think C++ but in friendly, BASIC form.

If you'd ever like to discuss language or compiler issues I'd be glad to chat.

Good luck!
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Quote:... and it would really be so hard to click "search and replace" and then "replace all" in the source code? Now you're just lazy Tongue

C'mon whats more important? It being released or its name? I like the name and so do others, but above that we would like to actually get to use it. Now don't go asking him to waste his time replacing words Tongue
Sounds awesome, man!

And heres my simple question... Will the compiled exes be faster than they are currently?
Remembering when UGL came out, i recall the name was questioned a fair bit. Infact I remember when people was questioning your name jofers, during those odd days. Also questioning my name. The names fine.

Anyways v1c im impressed with the code output for the math, very nice.
Of course, for starters it's uses flat mode, which gives access to more registers and 4 GB of memory directly. No segments that slows it down. Second, it has constant folding and and optimises expressions so that the same operation doesn't get performed more then once in a block. Expressions like
    a = b + c
    b = a - d
    c = b + c
    d = a - d

Will become
    a = b + c
    b = a - d
    c = a
    d = b
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Andre(v1ctor) my boy!!!

Okay, that's fractal zooming!!! And DJGPP aint that fast in zooming the mendel!!! :o

Fecking awesome!!!!

genius is an understatement. :*)

Hey, GNU can do Intel syntax? So I could use intel syntax in mingw?

And you decide to release this when I'm about to go on vacation?!!! I hate you!!!! ;*)

Great job!!!
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True, Nex, but if anyone names a project after me I'll rip their head off and shove it down what's left of their throat.

The only reason I would change the name is the connotation in using it. FreeBasic just sounds like a little homemade compiler someone made in qbasic. And while, yeah, I guess it is, it could easier to fool the cheap bastard who comes across it with a cooler name.

But I don't really care that much, I didn't know it existed until yesterday, after all Smile. In fact, I'm usually much more absent from this place, I was just getting some work done yesterday on qb45.

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