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Allegro port
is there a different syntax for screen? Any program that i try to compile in fb i have to end up taking out any screen statements.
Jumping Jahoolipers!
Something in the mode of:

Screen width, height, bpp, screenmode

I guess that would work.
y smiley is 24 bit.
[Image: anya2.jpg]

Genso's Junkyard:
Not yet, but when Sterling finishes his qb-like gfx lib.
Yeah, something like that, rel. But I was actually using the word "trifecta", meaning "triple winner" alluding to horse racing.
Okay, decided to use a little C lib for getting/setting externs since I needed it anyway for functions to convert string return values to FB strings... here's a quick demo:
* smiles at qh2 people *
EDIT: crap... forgot to upload bitmap in the zip - fixed now

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