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remember qbchat. like linked from and other sites?

Last couple of days it lived up again a bit. And it'd be cool if we could give it a stronger pulse. And.. on the front page of this website is no chatroom mentioned. So it'd be cool if you could include a link to the chatroom applet. Here's how:

<script language="javascript">
function openchat()
blah ="", "", "width=800,height=500,status=0,resizable=1");

<a href="#" onClick="openchat(); return false;">chatzone</a>

that would make the chat applet pop up in a window (like I always do). You could embed it in a page though. .. if you decide you will include the chat then it's your choice of course. And where to put a link

yep it would be nice to have a unified chat room Smile
Seeing as a lot of people from here already use it already, I've added it to the frontpage and forum.
anyhoo, thanks a bunch. the link on the forum is great too ^_^

(we're still in debate of finding an alternative chat network/applet though.. but the main idea is to keep the group of chat regulars together)

I've been toying with the idea of a javascript applet that calls methods from a java applet to do irc. That way you can customize it to the site (something no client to my knowledge does).

Bah, the things I'd do with time.
Speaking of which, are there any main IRC servers/channels that most people posting on this board idle around? EFNet's #QuickBasic isn't what it used to be; quit there quite a few months ago now and I'm looking for somewhere new to go, new people to talk to, etc. (the calibre of people on this board is appealing - it would be refreshing to talk to some of you regularly Smile).

Welcome to QBN, ShiftLynx. I take it you arent new to the QB scene? Are ya from network54? Or not been in the Qmmunity before?
Oddly I came to ask something, and found this thread that is along the same questioning. I use IRC daily, and connecting and participating in another IRC server is no problem for me, I would be happy to join a qbasicnews IRC channel. However, joining a separate java applet using a different protocol isn't very convenient. The protocol uses is very incomprehensable and I wouldn't easily be able to make a modification to the IRC client I use to handle that. So why not an IRC channel? You can easily find a java applet for IRC. There are lots of them. Someone I know has made one, it isn't tough. And not like you couldn't find a good IRC server.
efnet #badlogic is where all the cool cats hang out these days. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
I'd knock on wood, but my desk is particle board.
For me, my computer seem to not let me use mIRC.
Antivirus or something... :x

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