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Who has projects in FB yet?
I'm going to start working on a project that lets you install software to a flash drive, then watches the presence of the flash drive and it "uninstalls" the programs when done. It will actually hook the registry functions and redirect them to a ini file on the flash drive.
man that rocks. there's a lot of games being worked on. great thing is, there's more likelyhood that they come out! FB is like magic. =p i'm pretty darn happy about it.

well... i've got me a little project myself. Wink i'm taking my lazy time. dont' even know the title for sure but i'm going to put good effort into it. picture before rebuilding with FB (couple years old)-
Just wait until FreeBASIC .11 comes out and I finish up Star Phalanx the final version.

A) That's right, I said final version.
B) It'll rock. Tongue

It's already got things that QB could never have dreamed of with the best QB libs, so I'm rather excited. ^ ^
From the demo I played of your game SJ0, this is gonna definately be the start of some decent gaming at long last. Big Grin I hope other people pick up on what's going on here and we start seeing dozens of new games popping up and crawling out of the woodwork. Big Grin
I'd knock on wood, but my desk is particle board.
Hopefully the new version of FB can send static arrays to subs. That's the only thing that hinders my progress. Tongue
Right now, I am working on a GCS similar to ZZT. I only have the interface done but it's a work in progress.
i'd do somethin in FB, but FB won't let me use any of the simple graphic ommands (which is what i use cause i'm too lazy to figure out the rest).
the mind is a beautiful thing, use it and make the world a more beautiful place.
Sure it does, just treat them like regualr commands

line (x1,y1)-(x2,y2),colr


line x1.y1,x2,y2,colr
Actually there's no difference, for any gfx command, line is LINE ()-(),,BF etc as in QB.
Quote:Hopefully the new version of FB can send static arrays to subs. That's the only thing that hinders my progress. Tongue
Using vertex arrays? Big Grin

I think this would be valid:

sub funky()

Static dim Array(1000) as 3dpoint

end sub

Or if all else fails....

main module

Static dim Array(1000) as point3d

sub funky(array as point3d ptr, maxindex)

array(1).x = 1000

array(maxindex).y = 1.0001

end sub

Hey, have you tried to do bilboarding yet? They make the nicest particle engines.
y smiley is 24 bit.
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