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QB Express Issue #5 is up!
The December edition of QB Express is finally up -- and it's definitely a winner of an issue. QB Express #5 is filled to the brim with news, articles, editorials, tutorials, screenshots, interviews, as well as up-to-the-date information on the Qmunity's new addiction: FreeBasic. This issue is definitely a must see for any QBer!

Here's a list of articles in this issue:

* GUI Programming Part Two: Textboxes - VonGodric
* Gallery: Inspiration Preview - Pete
* Piptol Meets... Angelo Mottola - Piptol
* Coding, the way it was MEANT to be - Oz
* PHP Series, Part One - 19day
* Joe's Pointless Points - Joe King
* Roguelike Games - Jocke The Beast
* New QBTK MEGA-RPG Compo - Pyrodap
* BASIC Goes Mobile - Matthew R. Knight
* DOS Emulation Follow-Up - Pete
* Useful Math For QBasic / FreeBasic - Marinedalek
* QBCPC 2004/2005 Has Been Extended - Adigun A. Polack
* Improving the PDS7.1 Error Handler - Jan van de Poll
* Blast From The Past! - QB Top Sites Lists - Pete
* "Text Map Game" Competition Wrap-Up -Pete

Issue #5 weighs in at a hefty 1.6MB, with 174KB of text alone, so don't be surprised if you can't read it in one sitting!

Enjoy this issue -- and have a Happy New Year!
Pete's QB Site:
good as always,

for the criticism and suggestions?
You should make a msaller tab size in code examples, also (usinf FF 1.0) my tutorial code examples ran out of the box,

heh but awesome work!
Yeah, I knew about that problem as I posted the mag, but I was so sick of editing it when I put it up, I decided to fix the problem later. (I'll probably do it tomorrow morning.)

It's all because of the <pre> tag for preformatted text. Although this tag is great for making formatting fast and easy, it doesn't allow text to wrap, and thus screws up formatting all the time. What I've been doing in the past few issues is hand-formatting the code sections with long lines so that they wrap while still maintaining their spacing/indenting. Tedious, but it allows the layout to show up properly. I'll hand format this issue pretty soon.

But if anyone knows a better way to get around this, by all means let me know!
Pete's QB Site:
I'd suggest to use some kind of i-framing or maybe using uneditable text boxes to contain the code snippets. That way, if a line is too large, an horizontal scroll bar will appear in the box. No hand-made formatting and no layout screwing. And it will finally look right in my IE Wink
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sorry, pete
i failed you again. i have the review done, but i wasn't able to put it online in time Sad

I'll post it on my site some time this week....
sorry, chaps

I'm thinking about releasing the next issue on January 15th so that I can get it out before I go back to school.

Not sure yet... I wanted to feel you guys out and see if you'll have enough submissions to release another issue.

So... post here or contact me if you're interested in submitting something just so I can get a rough idea.

Pete's QB Site:
i didn't put any screen shots in it.....i can email you screenies to put up where ever

Yeah, email me the screenshots.

pberg1 at
Pete's QB Site:
Very nice issue pete Smile
Anyone have anything they want to submit for the next issue?

I'm really in great need of submissions right now if I'm gonna release Issue #6 on Jan. 15th as planned.

So far I have:
*Missing In Space Review - Oz
*Comic - Rattrapmax (Kevin)
*Letter to the editor - Lurah
*Letter to the editor - Mystikshadows

That's it! Pretty pathetic, eh?

I have a few articles that people have promised, and many holdouts from last month that never came in. (I might receive some of those, but I won't count on it.)

So if you're AT ALL interested in writing in the next issue, contact me. (PM, reply to this thread, fill out this form or email me -- pberg1 at
Pete's QB Site:

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