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VERY early prototype test shot
[Image: koqb2004.png]
In developing this, I've noticed some flaws and shortcomings in PTCXL that will be corrected. There will be another PTCXL release quite soon with the fixes present and new features added. This game itself? It'll be awhile, but I've ported a good 80% of the original engine to FB already and when looking at the debug screen, it works the same way it did in the QB version, so most everything ported just fine. Big Grin Graphics take awhile to make though...
I'd knock on wood, but my desk is particle board.
erm... screenie is broken

awesome tho - keep porting Smile
How come no one commented on it when my server was actually up and running? Big Grin
I'd knock on wood, but my desk is particle board.
Never saw it when your server was up. Wink
Jumping Jahoolipers!
its still dead. Nek! Get that server up NOW! :evil:
GOTO general forums
you'll see that he is. Wink
Jumping Jahoolipers!

That's the coolest picture of Zero I've ever seen.

It's cool
[Image: sig.php]
Back by popular demand!
I will byte and nibble you bit by bit until nothing remains but crumbs.

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