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Ugly :wink:
you can download it here
Quote:1. Introduction
This is yet anther sokoban game written in FreeBASIC( In this game, you are the man to push all horses into houses. You can only push the horse, but can not pull it. And you can not pull more than one horse everytime. If you or the horse is on the destination, red color is used, else blue color is used.
2. Control
any key start the game
N Next level
Arrow Keys Move
Q/ESC Quit without warning
3. Todo
support big maps. currently you have to skip the big map by pressing "N"
some prompts
support other level file formats( xsb, txt)
4. thanks
v3cz0r he pointed out a bug in my program. btw, he created the FBC
Eric Tchong I use his level package in my program
and more
5. Author
retsyo at
he has a blog-
[Image: snap.gif&F=1107012176&B=Programming]
The Sokoban I knew has some goal cases where the objects must be pushed... I can't see goal cases..what's the goal in this version of Sokoban?

Perhaps it's written in the middle of screen, but I can't read chinese Big Grin
In the original sokoban game, you just need to push BOX onto destination without specifical sequence: you can push BOX A on destionation A, but BOX A on destination B is ok too.
The characters I used here come from old Chinese Character:
man- the guy who lifts one of his arm to say hello to you
horse(ie the box in original sokoban game)- it has 3 legs on the floor and 1 leg up
house(the destination in original sokoban game)- thatching with sharp roof
If a character is red, he/it is in the house. You just push all horses into the house, so that there is no blue horses and no red man left
I have thought that the characters look like the objects' shape, but if they confuse you, I have to say sorry :wink: . I can change it only if I know how to use BSAVE/BLOAD or picture in fbc.
You can just write a bitmap loader... or use one that's already written in QB. Just Google for QBasic bitmap loader. Wink
No, is not confusing, it just needed some explanation. I had never seen this version of Sokoban. Don't change the graphics, they are just beautiful!
My first completed game was Sokoban a few years ago. Here it is:
It's an ascii version. If it loads with 50 lines instead of 25, here's how you fix it. Restore the program so it's a window(Alt-Enter), open the properties box, go to 'Screen', select 25 lines, Save properties, exit sokoban, then re-open it. It should fix this bug. This bug only appears in Windows XP or 2000 I think. :???:

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