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Starting game
'm starting work on a clone of an old game that I absolutely adore: Red Storm Rising. This game wasn't very popular (although it was designed by Sid Meier) in it's time, but it is a very good and fun game. I'm thinking of writing a port of it to freeBasic, with better graphics and sound. No, I don't have the source code, Microprose hasn't released it. I'll have to write it all myself.

Which brings me to my point: would anyone be interested in helping me write it? All that I really need is an artist, maybe a musician (though I'm probably going to do that myself) and probably another programmer to share my burden with. I might also need someone for AI, as all the AI that I've done is really stupid (or not really there).

If you'd like to help, then I suggest you go and download Red Storm Rising and play it. The best place to get it would be This is a great website, fairly stable. Also, be sure to download the manual; its keyboard only! (it was written in 1989)

So is anyone up for it?
can you post the game itself somewhere? It's most f**ked updownload site I'v seen...

I'd be maybe interested in helping you -but first i wanna see game itself.
Lol, I'll post the game on my website. It's got a rather odd interface compared to today's games (all keyboard), and the graphics and sound suck, but game-play wise its excellent. Here's the deal if you're not interested in playing:

- You're the captain of a nuclear attack submarine during WWIII
- you can fire torpedoes, harpoon missiles, tomahawk missiles, sealance missiles and Stinger AA missiles (last two only available after 1992)
- You fight the russians
- You can't surface, and you always work alone
- you can select between 4 boats (Thresher/Permit, Sturgeon, Los Angeles/688(i), and SeaWolf.
- There's a dynamic campaign but there isn't exactly any particular story, other than the starting part (put a real story in the new game- maybe an alternate history kind of thing).
- there's a lot of keyboard controls and they're kind of weird, even for the time period - fix that in new version
- there are three main displays - the primary display, the secondary display, and the navigational display. I'll put a screenshot on the website.

If anyone's interested but doesnt really want to play the game, contact me and I'll give you some more details.

[EDIT] game and manual are up for download here:
I'd maybe be interested -though I didn't much understand what was in the game. I added you ro my msn list so we can discuss this...

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