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Tool: ChangeKeywordCase
Hallo All,

I made a tool (in freeBASIC) to change keywords to Mixed-, Upper- or Lower-Case. For example, if you got code from others and you don't like so see all the commands in "LowerCase", you can change them easyly! Or change to lower, if you don't like to see Mixed or Upper.

The tool is checking the whole syntax, that means code in quotation marks, comments or Data lines will not be touched.

Hallo IDE-Programmer: You can include the code in your IDE easyly, just read the informations at the begin of the bas-file.
You can also call the tool easyly using "WinExec" or "ShellCommand" and then pick up the changed code again.

I included also an Editor-Example of Roland Walter where I implemented the code of CKC (ChangeKeywordCase). But the source of this example is PowerBasic, so just let run the "exe" if you don't have installed PowerBasic or convert the code to freeBASIC by your own.

You can download the tool with included source here:

Kind regards from Germany

Peter Harder
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