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Basic-Editor-Example ported to freeBASIC
Hallo all,

in the "Basic Editor" of Roland Walter you find an editor example, but this example is in PowerBasic. Now I ported this example to freeBASIC, you can download the ported example here:

The example is showing:
- syntax coloring
- sub/function folding
- how to use the BeScin.dll (based on the Scintilla.dll)

If someone want to port the whole source of the "Basic Editor" from PowerBasic to freeBASIC (about 3,500 lines of code), please ask Roland ( for it, maybe he'll change to open source and give it to you. He can not do it now - he es very busy with his job in the moment and I'm too, sorry!

Have fun with the "Basic-Editor-Example"!

Kind regards from Germany!

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