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If there is a demand for one it could be started but I doubt there is a need for a dedicated forum.
I think it'd be cool, cause many of us must do web programming and have sometimes questions about it or just want to discuss something.
However, this site was founded for QB and not web. Therefore you could make another site like www.webnews.com or something. However, if you like it make it yourself because I think wildcard here doesn't really fit with his time.
www.qb45.com => forums
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Sounds really good to me, I'd definately appreciate having a place to post my questions! :bounce:
Quote:Sounds really good to me

Me too. Most of us just discuss it in the General or Programming forums right now. It's not like we're adding a board for Delphi or something ultra-specific... a lot of us web-code or try to web-code or want to web-code, so I'd like it.[/quote]
In my opinion, it would be better to add a "General programming" section, where we could discuss any other programming languages (C, Pascal, Delphi, C++, Perl, PHP, HTML ... ... ...)
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One thing I know I suggested to one board, is that there could be a "Spam" section where people could get their little "look at this"es out. But you should make it to where the spam board doesn't add to your post count.
Personally I don't care about post count. People treat it as an important thing. I just don't care. What if your post count increases or not? The important thing is post to help.

The anti-double posts policy is fair for me as long as it keeps the forum with better style and layout, but not doing it 'cause it increments your post count is stupid (IMHO).
SCUMM (the band) on Myspace!
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