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FBIde 0.4

after long development period I finally release FBIde 0.4!
I want to say sorry to those whose language files didn't made it in -really I am sry. It's just that I'v been so busy for the last few days. Anyway I also want to thank everyone who helped me with this IDE -betatesters, those who contributed language files and of course FBIde team. So without big talk grab it and don't forget to give feedback!

VonGodric and FBIde team.

PS! FBIde0.4.1 will be up soon with missing language files and possible autocompletition.
Woohoo! I wish I was home so I could try it out, I'm especially excited about being able to have multiple files open in a tabbed view. I'll try it out tonight and then post with feedback.
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OMG, you are 1 day late! ;) Good work, i updated the FBIDE description at already - btw, seems like the fbide's downloads page stills not listing the 0.4 version.
Reminds me so much of dev-c++.

It is rather good, better than the last version anyway.

There are a few spelling errors in the read me though.

In short

url=][Image: style4,TheDarkJay.png][/url]
mingwm10.dll was not found

eh? Is that some kind of runtime for C?

anyways, if anyone else has that error, a DL is here

Apart from that, very nice!
Is it just me and my 99 kb file, but is compiling slower for this version than for the last one
url=][Image: style4,TheDarkJay.png][/url]
Is it just me, or have you fixed the problem that meant you couldnt compile+run a project that used relative paths?

I really like it! Big Grin
Quote:Is it just me and my 99 kb file, but is compiling slower for this version than for the last one

Well, why don't you run both and time each? :-)

That's the only way you'll know.

ric Carr
Booya! Once again Von, this is the best IDE you can get for FB, and quite frankly one of the best freeware onese you can get period. Congrats :-)
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This thing is really sweet!!

^_^ Keep up the great work!!
Kevin (x.t.r.GRAPHICS)

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