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Personal attacks
Ok, things have gone completely out of hand here. Next time I have the bright idea to suggest something, as I've tried to do, I'll shut the hell up. What's this I hear about people getting banned, over this thread?

This is nothing but a perfect example of the work that DOES need to be done here. The ignorance of the powers that be here is obvious. All I'm seeing from the mods and admins too is "immaturity" and no will to make this forum, or themselves the best they both could be. Banning Z!re has only manage to accomplish that in my eye, show how power hungry the mods/admins are. Like everyone's been saying, Z!re is a very active member of the community, the most probably. And yet, you "powers" think that you solved your little problem by banning Zire? You just keep on believing that, it's the perfect recipe to make sure you all have plenty of spare time on your hands.

What good is a community wanting to make things good for all, when obviously the admins and mods have this weird conception that it's only up to the people to "behave themselves" and you'll just zget rid of all who don't? Damn you need to reread your admin/mod manuals here folks. As long as you believe that, you'll move the board or the community forward. it's just not how it's done, I've written it down in details how things should work (to make it a better place for both us, and the "powers that be". you have chosen to skip right over it because you believe you got the "real" solution. Believe that if you will, and you'll see where it takes you. I gave those guidelines because I know theyt work, I've made them work even on boards with 20,000 members or more. I've been there and done that. But obviously, I'm wrong and you guys are "right" right?

Everything "replies and all" I've seen from the admins here (cept a few mods). Are all signs that things badly need to change. If you gues can't get a clue, or rather, don't wanna get a clue because for some reason (power trip probably in at least some of the cases, atleast) your way is the right way. while you keep getting hit with proof and reasons why your way is NOT the right way, how many situations will you need before you see passed what you think is right?

Your way of thinking might work for a board with a hundred (or 2) members, but not when you get this big. Wake up and smell reality here.

If I get banned for this, take it as yet another proof of what I'm saying is right.

Sorry but I can see that the "powers" need to wake up and shake things down here. Don't tell me the members need to moderate themselves, though it's common sense, reality already showing you it's not gonna now it's up to YOU people to do something about it. Get off your lazy butts and get busy.
hen they say it can't be done, THAT's when they call me ;-).

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Honestly, I don't think speaking in that tone will accomplish anything, Mystik. Let's say you ran a website and someone was talking about how weak ignorant and out of touch you were. Would that induce you to perk right up and listen to what they had to say?
I don't think many people have spoken in an angry tone and yet they seem to have been ignored SJ.
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message from Z!re:
It was fun while it lasted.
QBN used to be a fun and nice place to be, it isnt anymore. I wont come back.

Those of you still wanting to get in contact with me, or get updates on FieldView or other things, can reach me on

To those who showed support: Thank you, be careful. - Done! Smile Ask about our hosting Wink

-Goddess of the of the No More Religion Threads movement Smile
sumojo: Better to be ignored than actively rejected.
Quote:sumojo: Better to be ignored than actively rejected.

Agreed. Although on a forum it seems as if the admin would want user input as the forum is generally designed for the users to use. Therefore if a suggestion was to be made, it would seem that the requests would not be ignored but be responded to both to give the user an idea of how the admin wants the site to be and to let the user know why his/her idea would or wouldn't work.
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Ill sign up everything Mystik sayd.

Forum as this one (size of members) cant be no more "happy qb/fb" forum. This is like a number 1. _now_.

Instead of bannin or posting your "ill disagree" replyes, you mates really should look in a mirror. WE, and with word we i mean that piece of members who _still_ enjoys and loves to be here, WE are still are here.

If you cant handle situations like this on this size of forum, then i guess we need more (more, not to get riddof old ones) moderators.
This is ffs site where newbies comes and what is result and what they see? You (anyone) want that 11 years old newbie saws things like this?

I don't want to.

I think, we're not your problem, you're not the problem. So lets we all think a bit, and _we'll _ know whats the problem.

If moderators are out of this thing, then gather your team up and make a new strategy. Members of this site!, shut up and give moderators and owner of site a bit time to put their strategies into place.

If Z!re is banned, then why im not. Ill stand behind every darn word she has said?

This is a offence, for moderators, for members and for me....

The gumpy the ONLY way

My english aint good. Sorry about that.
Yeah, nick changed from lurah, but bullshit's are the same.
Quote:Honestly, I don't think speaking in that tone will accomplish anything, Mystik. Let's say you ran a website and someone was talking about how weak ignorant and out of touch you were. Would that induce you to perk right up and listen to what they had to say?

lol...well no, you have a point there...however, that last post, got your attention didn't it? ;-). and that's all I wanted.

It's all in good faith really. If everyone can remember that, all I'm trying to do is for the good of the community. Delete my angry post if you wish, I don't mind that and I'd certainly understand if you did, but if you'd kindly go back and read my first two posts (filled with suggestions) and see what can be extracted from them and put into action, I'd be much obliged. I've been on boards and chatting for 10 years now. I've been moderators and admin and host (in chat rooms) for all of that time. So I have alot of background to base my posts on I made these observations and suggestions in those other 2 posts only because I sensed what was about to happen. Guess I just wasn't fast enough or you didn't read them fast enough.

Like lurah said while I've been writing this, QBasicNews is number one. With that position comes a certain sense of pride of course, but also of responsibilities and workload to keep things flowing nicely. Definality adaptablity is a big plus to really adapt, and fast, the the new reality that QBasicNews has become. It's really all I'm trying to get across. Things just are as they were in the first year that QBasicnews opened, or even the couple years after that. IT's a big place now, Mods do need to be there or there will always be situations to deal with whever they do happen to show themselves here. Like Lurah said, a new strategy, a new set of "ways of doing things and dealing with situation" is in order....he's right. And All you need to do is sit down with the other mods and admins, and talk about it...common sense, it's all that's needed.
hen they say it can't be done, THAT's when they call me ;-).

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Quote:Posts that contain personal attacks, like always will be subject to removal/editing and if serious or repeat offending occurs banning will be considered.

I hope you plan on following these rules you set yourself...

Quote:You know why? Because some of us here have a real life unlike some people who are online 24x7 at QBN .... *spamming*

Quote:ROTFLMAO dont flatter yourself. After those attention whore stunts you pulled off if I were WC, I would've banned you.

Wow, someone who makes posts like these is *really* worthy of being an admin.

That was just in his first post. Three attacks in the damn thread you posted the rules in.
I'm glad to see the rules apply to those that you'd like them to apply to.
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Quote:Z!re has done nothing I could consider so serious that would lead to an immediate ban without applying the 3-warning rules.

I believe WC made this post before you did:
Quote:Z!re has been banned, Z!re has received 3 official warnings and several requests relating to his/her posts.

Quote:Above that all, TBBQ has been a fan of it too, the things Z!re does now.
May be I am reading this wrongly but I don't understand what you're trying to say.

Quote:And indeed, as Zap said, TBBQ has done far worse things than Z!re, and yet people still like him and keep him in (although I can remember he was kicked from some other board), while people don't do the same with Z!re and issue a ban.
Ok, point one out? Have I incessently flamed someone? The last time I remember flaming someone was Blitz and that too a LONG time ago and if I remember correctly I wasn't alone. Have you seen me posting obscene things? hurtful remarks to someone? I have been warned by WC a couple of times a long time ago. Since then I've changed my ways out of respect for this boards rules. And I don't think many "like" me. Yes, thats a part of being honest. One makes more enemies than friends.

Quote:Anyway, I think my point is clear already, but I'm not satisfied with this "immediate course of action" without applying your own rules.
Read my first remark. WC had warned Z!re.

Quote:Z!re is one of the most active members in the community and although her language is sometimes harsh and she is very bipolar (doom <-> pure happiness) sometimes, and I find she mostly has something to tell in here. The only thing you need to do is read the underlying thoughts to make a seemingly useless post contain a lot of information.
Ironically, two of your remarks were a result of lack of reading. IMHO there is a fine line between using harsh language, being critical, honest and down right insulting.

Quote:... I don't think there should be any need for a moderator or admin in a civilised forum, why is it so difficult to impose self control/self moderation on your posts?
My thoughts exactly.

I used to think programmers/developers were a level better than regular people. I used to consider them 'enlightened', ones who would rarely enter into conflicts and have self control. Alas this qumunity has a lot to learn. This infighting will lead to its destruction lest members learn to control themselves.

MystikShadows, have you ever been to ? Try posting in the softest tone with wrong intentions and just see how quickly you're kicked out and banned. IMHO QBN is one of the most liberal boards online. Rules are in place for a reason. You break them you get punished, I break them I get punished.

Quote:That was just in his first post. Three attacks in the damn thread you posted the rules in.
I'm glad to see the rules apply to those that you'd like them to apply to.
Try justifying this - the court of law hangs someone because of a crime he/she commits. A criminal kills someone. In the end we witness death of an individual. Does that mean the court of law is a criminal as well? I'm sorry if you don't understand the relevance of these words to your post.

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