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Qbasicnews suggestions
I agree with Pete. Keep the number of forums to a minimum.

Imagine a hamburger joint that has 20 varieties of hamburger on the menu on the wall. In reality, they only serve combinations of the same standard hamburger. But, the menu has all kinds of options like: with everything on it; with everything, but hold the mayo; with lettuce/tomato only; with cheese; etc.

It takes forever to read this kind of menu, slowing down the flow of customers. Similar to what happens with all the forums at Qbasicnews as compared to Petesqbsite.
My apologies if this has been suggested before, but I can't search the forum due to internet problems. The only thing I'd add to the site is an active topics list. With as little posts as are made here, I think it would be a good idea.
Stylin, there is a "New posts since last visit" option.
Thanks KiZ, just what I was looking for. :^_^:
well, i don't know if im the only person with this problem, but if i "X" out the window it automaticly marks all the forums read. which blows big fat fucking monkey chunks :barf: :barf: :barf:
second, if it's possable, when i hilight(sp?) a section of someones post and hit "quote" that it quotes that part of the post thank you.
quote="whitetiger0990"]whitetiger is.. WHITE POWER!!! [/quote]
indeed, accidentally closing the browser DOES suck fat chunk monkey balls.
The problem is PhpBB doesn't store in the database which topics you've read - it just stores the last date you visited on.

SMF keeps track of which posts you've read, so it can show you ALL unread posts (except those before you registered, I think). It makes the database larger, but I think it's worth it.
is there a friendly way to hack your last visit back like say a couple of hous? lol. doubt it >.>
Snitz has an option, 'View Posts From' with options like last 6 hours, last day etc.

On the subject of Site suggestions, surely Z1re is a poor choice for a mod? I wouldn't expect her to be fair on any dispute, just have a hissy fit if it annoys her (forgetting the other few hundred users)
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plz no mod-is-not-worthy discussion here Tongue
we have plenty of threads about that on the forum already Smile
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