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Anyone interested in making a text adventure as a group?
ha, I didn't know that. I simply am not familiar with freebasic, but hey, if you want to use it then knock yourself out.

Would you guys rather hear suggestions from me and then you guys pick and choose? Or do you want to post ideas and/or code?
Not yet Snake! It's not over yet!
Quote:Sweet. And speedlemon, why not? Graphical games usually become too complicated, and if you try to add a story it becomes even harder. Remember, this isn't Flash or Java where you can easily make or import a graphic and make it move or whatnot. This is QBASIC. To be honest in my opinion, if a game has a good story to it, then that's all that truly matters.

liquid snake-im fine with making it a text game. i was referring to the fact that j2krei plans on making all the choices the player can do by hand. at least i think thats what he meant when he said this:

Quote:but it's just too complicated with one person coding every single possibility.

and i guess the game would end up like something like this:

print "You are in your house"
print "1) go upstairs"
print "2) pick up the key"
print "3) talk to the gnome"
input choice$
if choice$ = "1" then goto upstairs
if choice$ = "2" then goto pickupkeys
if choice$ = "3" then goto talktognome

that would be a very bad idea to make a text game like that.

this is what i meant, but i guess i just said it bad.
Quote:and we don't have to do "every possibility".there is a much easier way of doing things....

list possible commands, and possible objects, and cross reference...jsut make sure we know what is in which scene

Quote:Anyway, I agree that a text adventure takes too long to make by one person. So what should we make one on? Any ideas?
once you have the engine done, all you need to do is design rooms. so its actually same amount of work as a regular game if not less work.
I see what you mean, and I agree, those games really do get boring if the options are presented to you. I've got some ideas, but I have already made threads for them a while back including a Resident Evil based text game.
Not yet Snake! It's not over yet!
resident evil sounds cool. but i dont know much about it other than its about zombies.
may i also suggest FreeBASIC to make commands in teh game 20 times easier

you could easily create a command hook to text:

TYPE command
    cname as string ' what command?  "get, take, grab" for example
    hook as function(this as command, associatation as string)

you could just reference the function for each command seperately, if you really wanted, eliminating the "this as command" OOP emulation.

I am more than happy to help, and even more if it's fb

email me alex _DOT_ barry _AT_ gmail _DOT_ com if you want to do this, and i'll do something....whatever

Seems like its alot different from qbasic, but I could catch on by looking at the code. I learn better through lots of examples. Anyway, it doesn't matter to me what code we use as long as it's FREE.

Do you want me to tell you the plot of at least the movie? Or would you rather I didn't (spoilers).
Not yet Snake! It's not over yet!
go ahead. i guess ill need to know the story a little bit anyways considering if we make a game of it.
OK, Resident Evil starts out with the main character waking up in a shower and not remembering anything, a special ops team arrives and finds her (the main character; Alice) and another person in the building. they enter what's called, the Hive, which is a secret underground facility which contains the Umbrella Corporation's (An extremely large entity which supposedly makes products used all over the world) most secret experiments, by an underground train. Alice begins to remember some things. She's told that she works for the Umbrella Corporation and was supposed to help keep the entrance to the Hive secret. The main reason why the special ops team arrived was to disable the Red Queen(The facility's AI) which went homicidal killing all of the workers inside. Most of the special ops team is killed by Red Queen's defenses. They eventually shut down Red Queen and the power is lost in the facility. The power is rebooted and all the doors open automatically. With all the doors open, Zombies and stuff start appearing. Later on she find that someone had broken a tube containing a new biological weapon, a virus....called the T-Virus, which is causing all of this. When everyone became infected, Red Queen killed them all to prevent an epidemic. The workers came back to life due to the virus as zombies. That's the basic story, if you want, I'll give you more details like the ending.

What I was going to use was Market Basket instead of the Umbrella Corporation (I hate Market Basket) with more or less the same kind of story, maybe with a humorous twist or whatever. But I'll let you guys decide.
Not yet Snake! It's not over yet!
Hmm a beter corporation name is need huh? :-). Let's see now.

The Facade Corportation?
hen they say it can't be done, THAT's when they call me ;-).

[Image: kaffee.gif]
[Image: mystikshadows.png]

need hosting:
All about ASCII:
i think it should be a secret Microsoft


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