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Quote:yes. the qb era has turned over to fb.

do yourself a favor and embrace it

nooooooooo dont go to the darkside... :barf:
There is no need for to cover FB. There are already enough sites out there that do that. is supposed to be for qbasic and qbasic only, although links to FB sites wouldn't be such a bad thing either...some education as to the "evolved" version of qb that is fb is a good idea. Smile
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Seriously, why do you all keep talking about them as if they're two different languages?

None of you would be using FB unless it wasn't so inexorably linked to QB (look at Darkbasic and LibertyBasic's following... Or even VB's).

Making a site dedicated to only QB programs or FB programs makes as much sense as having a site only for QB1.1 programs, or only Qb programs using the Blast or Dash libs...

It's way to obscure for a domain like


QB followers = GWBasic/Comodore64/SpectrumBasic -> QB1.1 -> Qb4.5 -> QB7.<whatever> -> FB
It's just a chronology of updates for christ sake!

The only reason everyone is so picky about "I'm an FB coder now, not a QB coder" is because it's new, and your all still high on the initial buzz of finding it. In a couple of years your all gonna look back at what ye said and feel really embarassed....

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I'm still rehashing the purpose of in my head. When it first re-launches it should specialize in QB. Once the community grows to a respectable size FB might be integrated. No promises.
Quote:matt - shamelessly inciting violence

shamelessly inciting violence?!?! WTF?
I stumbled upon this thread while searching for something else. What a thrill to get in on the (new) beginning of something.

The qbasic communtiy has far outpaced my keeping up with it, but I still love the old stuff. A previous post mentioned the C=64 which was my first computer. I am all about the nostalgia of it. I'd love to see what "modern" stuff we can do with it also.

I eagerly await the development of the site.

(the "something else" I was searching for was an interpreter I can install on my webserver to allow qbasic or qbasic-like code to execute on a webpage. I am completly clueless as to if this is possible.)
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wait it still be a good idea to have have FB material along with QB stuff. main reason for this like it or not was the main gateway for newbies coming into qbasic because of the domain name.

so promoting FB as a win32/Linux/dos32 replacement or at least upgrade would bring a larger user base into the FB community.

as it stands FB as great as it is, is still lost in the ocean of other basic dialects (just google Basic Compilers. FB does show up but it not the top of the list) having promoting it would redirect more newbies to us.

also mark you have to remember the FB community isn't a separated community. it is the QB community, you should think of it like a child that has grown up.

so you can't really separated the two there connected at the core.
I don't think that QBasic and FreeBasic should be treated that seperately -after all FreeBasic is born from qbasic and it's qommunity. Is desgined for best compability with QBasic as is possible. And the result is that lots of QB sources work under FB with no modification at all or require minor changes.

Therefore I feel that FreeBasic should be treated as successor to QBasic and not entirely seperated from it. It extends the language and brings QBasic to the 21st century: Native Linux, Windows and dos versions -allow it to use on far greater range of systems, it's 32bit architecture gives a great speedburst and removes memory limitations that QBasic has lounged for all these many years, great range of professional apis and libraries that already exist for FreeBasic makes it even more attractive. And not to mention new features and concepts it has introduced. And yet it has remained just as simple as qbasic. If not even simpler.

Why I'm saying all this is: many people who search for qbasic find this site first -it is listed in top of many search engines and naturally get's lots of traffic. Qbasic is old ( face it people ) in a few years with next windows it won't probably even work anymore under windows. Wich will make it truly extinct. And if there is alternative? Why not?

I'm not clmaiming that should host 100% FreeBasic -my believe is it would be best if this site would serve as a museum site of qbasic and be dedicated for qbasic -but have a recomendatory reference to FreeBasic as prefered successor.

One more reason is a legal point of view. QBasic is not free and posting it for download anywhere is illegal. FreeBasic is free for download and any kind of use. Including for producing commercial software on it.

About your claims to VisualBasic -VisualBasic is too different and enirely different entity on its own. Therefore cannot be taken seriously -from the standpoint of QBasic and being it's successor.
Quote:so promoting FB as a win32/Linux/dos32 replacement or at least upgrade would bring a larger user base into the FB community.
A larger FB user base would be great because people who use older operating systems PURELY for QB goodness would have no reason to not upgrade operating systems. After all, FB should be close enough to QB, so why not? This doesn't only promote FB, but it also allows QBers to upgrade to a 32-bit version of QB without changing the familiar syntax.
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This arguement over whether to choose qb or fb is about as reasonable as arguing between which compiler to use for qb. With each sequential compiler came a few new features and changes from the last. FB is the same way. It's based on the same code with only a few changes to the original and set in a new compiler. All fb is, is the same as any upgrade from one of the previous compilers was.

So for all you qb zealots, why not stick to only 1.1?
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