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Devote 1/2 the site to QB, the other FB...
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^ Infrosoft - A wiki of source code, mostly in PHP and FreeBASIC - Your opinion matters no matter your OS
Quote:One more reason is a legal point of view. QBasic is not free and posting it for download anywhere is illegal. FreeBasic is free for download and any kind of use. Including for producing commercial software on it.

i agree with that. fb is like our way to stick it to 'the man' ;P
Quote:So for all you qb zealots, why not stick to only 1.1?
more like 1.0.... :roll:
Quote:quote: "<+whtiger> you... you don't know which way the earth spins?" ... see... stupidity leads to reverence, reverence to shakiness, shakiness to... the dark side
a small suggestion: should have a freebasic section
to further this point, we should have a page on it called "the history of basic" using qbasicnews and the old as a reference to the community.

basically, our past is q/quickbasic, our present is freebasic.

yes, there are still q/quickbasic programmers out there, but to face facts, most OSes don't agree with high-DOS funcionality. I ahve nothing against programming in qbasic, though.

I think qbasic as our heritage is important, but fb is our present (and possibly future)

You people take this way to seriously..

Mark, good luck remaking I hope you manage to turn it into a hub of BASIC knowledge..
Quote:You people take this way to seriously..

troll! ;P
The only way you'll win this argument is to comprimise:
subdirectory for FB...
subdirectory for QB...

Each with its seperate get to work on that site ASAP!
[Image: 1403.png]
^ Infrosoft - A wiki of source code, mostly in PHP and FreeBASIC - Your opinion matters no matter your OS
It's quite simple, let be the FB home with forums, tutorials and such and be the QB one (besides qbasicnews, qb45 and such, obviously :P), without one pretending the other doesn't exist, like the current "official" forum does - that's the reason i didn't add any links to, other than its living-dead state that lasted for years.

Without QB, FreeBASIC would never exist and without FB, QuickBASIC may would become a museum figure or a toy for emulator aficionados.

Both sites link to each other and we are done.. The FB site popularity is coming closer to qbasic one (see, nobody will "steal" users from nobody.

Every single person that contributed to FB came or used to be from the QB community, that's not like we created a commercial alternative just to milk QB, spamming it all around. The whole project has over 100K lines of BASIC and C code, i would like to see the "don't join the dark side" people doing a better contribution to QB, besides playing the poor victim or the crazy terrorist one. Dunno, create a text-mode QB-IDE clone, help making FB more compatible, just bitching in forums won't help nada.
(10-30-2005, 04:21 AM)TecBrat link Wrote:I stumbled upon this thread while searching for something else...

Wow how time flies!

I haven't done anything with QBasic since I posted this. Been too busy with life.
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