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2 New QB Games at Q-Basic Turkey
Fast Puzzle and Desert Cup 2003 released at Q-Basic Turkey. And 2 new source code and 2 new game reviews..
Perfect, but... where's the English version?? :o
Yeah. I mean, Turkish?!? What kind of feedback this man expects, in an international community.
yeah, we americans want our cake handed on a silver platter!! now conform, you turkish... programmer... uh... man!!
i]"I know what you're thinking. Did he fire six shots or only five? Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I've kinda lost track myself. But being as this is a .44 Magnum ... you've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya punk?"[/i] - Dirty Harry
So that means that I can promote my span... er... chilean based site without any problems for you, citizens of the world? GRRRRREAT!

Quote:¡Ya escucharon weones, muevan la raja y visiten el sitio del Bastard, que es más conchúo que puta borracha! ¡VIVA CHILE MIERDA!

That's good! But... what if the aforementioned citizen of the world doesn't understand a single crap of the website? Maybe *that* could be a problem! For instance, and talking about this site in specific, where I can find these pics of Anna Kournikova naked? [Image: diablotin.gif]
Maybe if you ask Mr. Enriquito Iglesias very very very politely, he'll share his with you.

Only if you can trade, o' course.

Y ahora un enlace a mi pagina chorra:
SCUMM (the band) on Myspace!
ComputerEmuzone Games Studio
underBASIC, homegrown musicians
But... possibly Mr. Iglesias isn't aware of Q-Basic Turkey. And they have pics... without his consent!

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