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finding multikey scan codes
now I am sure there is a reference somewhere...but I prefer to simply code a tiny program to find the multikey value for any key while im making a program. I shortened it down to 4 lines, I was wondering if there was either any shorter linewise or simpler to look at ways (still same line as this) to do the same thing. It has to exit when you press esc, print the value of the key you are pressing, and check all 127 values. If there aren't any other short ways, then just get creative and show us what you come up with Tongue.

screen 18
for bla = 0 to 128
    if multikey(bla) then print bla else bla = iif((bla>127) AND NOT(MULTIKEY(1)),0,bla)        
[Image: freebasic.png]
There's a reference in docs/gfxlib.txt and constants in, both included with the standard distribution. Smile
does that mean you can just use say "Multikey(SC_ESCAPE)" without including anything, since gfxlib is already included? (And I still like my program anyways =)
[Image: freebasic.png]
It's just a regular include file; you have to #include ""

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