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QB Top 50
I created around 4 years ago - due to some travels etc the domain expired and was snapped up by those domain squatters.

I have re-obtained the domain and am thinking about re-setting up a QB Top 50 (with proper hit tracking) - any interest in it?

ADDED: For those that don't remember me - I created my first QB site in 1997. It was around 1999 I believe that I created Simply QB, which merged and formed NeoBASIC on
Sure, sounds like a grand idea!

You should make it both a QB and FB top 50 site. It might help give some smaller QB/FB sites recognition. Also, make sure that it's not spammable.
Pete's QB Site:
It is based on hits instead of votes. Harder to fool.

Example toplist we own and operate using software we developed:
I agree, sounds like a good idea, it might help bring together all the sites =)
url=]SmithcoSoft Creations[/url]
"If you make it idiot proof, someone will make a better idiot" - Murphy's Law
An excellent initiative AhmedF if I do say so myself. :-)...QB Top 50 was one of the first website I've seen (along with Pete's QB Site and QBNZ when I started in the Qmunity 2 1/2 years ago :-).

I can't wait to see it....I think you'll get alot of interest in this idea. and like Pete said, adding a FB Top 50 list will help alot too :-).
hen they say it can't be done, THAT's when they call me ;-).

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need hosting:
All about ASCII:
Okay its finally up Smile

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