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Reporting Posts or Users
If you're going to report a post or user to an admin through the "report this post" button, DO IT ONLY ONCE. If you don't think we've responded in the way you wanted, I'm sorry. Every report is looked at and then the admins determine what action needs to be taken from it. If you report it more than once, all you do is piss us off.

Also, reporting a user just to tell us to ban them or asking us why "we aren't doing our job" will not get you your desired results.

I'm tired of seeing this junk in our report box or the same thing getting reported by the same user over and over. It's one thing if many people report the same post. It's bad if one person constantly reports a user for the same post or reports a post of a user they reported earlier just to try and get results.

To end this, anyone who reports the same post more than once or lists that "we aren't doing our job" or "this person should be banned" will get a warning. Two warnings of doing this will result in a week long ban. I know some people get off on tattling others or thinking they control their fate, but you don't, so stop.
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