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Index hidden if you're not looged in? Why?
User-Agent: Googlebot
Disallow: /

User-Agent: Googlebot-Image
Disallow: /

Means that Googlebot, and Googlebot-Image ignores all directores, with subdirectories too.

And I just created the file after we had the huge bandwidth-eating, before there wasnt any at all. I'm only disallowing Google because it consumed a huuuuge amount of bandwidth in the days up until we ran dry of it.
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You know, maybe somehow it's searching through threads themselves (edit: doesn't seem like it now that I tried to search for qb thread contents w/google), instead of titles, or maybe it is doing it way too much. Or maybe it is using the search function constantly... Is there a way to have google only do a search through posts every few days?

Edit: Come to think of it, a lot of forums don't let you look at the forum until you're logged in, and one forum admin said that it's because of google (not in that way exactly), and I didn't know what he meant until now.


.... maybe it's because of all the new smilies...

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Quote:.... maybe it's because of all the new smilies...


It's something this site has always been bothered by. Before the ips were just banned, so I rebanned some of the ips and Zap created the robots.txt. It seems as if all problems have been reduced since then. The hiding of all the forums when not logged in was just in case some other bots came along in the next few days as Wildcard's hosting is getting slammed.
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Quote:err.... I'm not the only one who uses this computer

If you have your own username, cookies enabled, and you're the only QBer on the computer, :lookdown:

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