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Is there any way revert?
That too. =p
i had gotten so used to the old way of just comming to the site, reading what i wanted to, then closing the browser. then the next time i come back, i could do the same thing and know if something new had been posted somewhere. now i come back and i have to remember to hit the mark all topics read button at the bottom, otherwise i get all screwed up.

thats just because i'm a creature of habit though, and i'm still not completely used to it. i know it sounds stupid to be saying that clicking one link is inconviniencing me in any way, it's just different is all.
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The problem is when the browser closes accidentally and you lose all your non-read posts. That was a bummer. I'd rather go this way, I like how I can close the window and return later finding all my unread messages marked.
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