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QBasic Games Directory, now officially open!
The QBasic Games Directory, by Dean Janjic, is now officially open! It's been open for testing for some time now, but it wasn't absolutely functional.

There is no fixed date for the arrival of actual downloads. Please be patient, as we have 442 entires in the system and uploading .zips for each of them will take a while. In the meantime, check out the thoughtfully-written descriptions and screenshots! There's catagories and filters to help you find what you're looking for also.

Again, Dean Janjic designed this entirely in PHP and MYSQL. This was his pet project, and I'm just glad I got the chance to host it. Smile

we need one of these for freebasic too :)

we need one of these for freebasic too Smile :roll:
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Quote:I use QB religiously. Too bad I'm an athiest.
Nice work! Some suggestions though:

Can you put a thumbnail of the screenshots on the same page as the description? Also, maybe consider using doubled (640x400) or stretched (640x480) screenshots for 320x200 games.

An option to search for whole words only would be useful. Right now the search matches partial words, so if you search for "tent", you get matches with "content", "potential", "nonexistent", and "extent".

I realize it's kind of late for the next suggestion, but it would be nice to have additional info for the games, such as OS required (some games are Win9x only, some DOS only), whether XMS/EMS is required, graphics mode (text/CGA/EGA/VGA/SVGA), input devices supported, number of players, etc. I know this would be a huge task to go back and run all the games again to get this info, but maybe sometime in the future if the site gets revamped you might consider it.

And a last minor thing, "VDMSound Patch" on the extra downloads patch should be "VDM videoport patch".
I'll forward your suggestions. Only a few I can do myself, like the last.
#6 :roll:

Yes thanks, I do know about that, no need to for mr rolleyes thankyou :/ The guy who made that appeared, got a bunch of games, made that page, then promptly disappeared again. :|
* Mr Match shakes fist at that guy.
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Quote:I use QB religiously. Too bad I'm an athiest.
I encourage an open dialog, as opposed to violence. After the tarring and feathering.
Very demanding requests Plasma. From todays point, I don't feel very motivated to work on them. But I'll see. Maybe I'll do something on the screenshots sizes request. That is, when I finish my thesis and organize my life.

Query word matching can be fixed easily. I'll see if I'll find time to change the PHP code and send it to Mark.

I don't understand what you meant by "thumbnail of the screenshots".
Well like I said, they're just suggestions. Wink I know the additional info would be a LOT of work, that's why I said "sometime in the future." But the other suggestions shouldn't be too hard; a small PHP script should be able to generate the thumbnails automatically for you (and also resize all the images to 640x400 or 480 if you want.)

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