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Photoshop animal hybrids
Does anyone know where there is a tutorial for how to do this? I've check Google and found lots of cools pics, but no tutorials.

Technically I'm using Gimp, but it's essentially the same thing.
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Just use the Pen tool to trace around the creature's head/legs/whatever, than copy+paste it onto the other critter and resize, rotate, etc. till it looks good. You could also try some transparency and lighting effects until it looks good. Mostly it just takes practice.
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[Image: dog.jpg]

This is what happens when you get bored with Fireworks.

But unless you're a furry :whitetiger: , it's not worth it (i just got bored one day, I also made this the same day.
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Quote:[Image: dog.jpg]

This is what happens when you get bored with Fireworks.
...That is rather frightening. :o
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