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Photoshop vs Gimp
Anywho, Photoshop is better, but I use Macromedia Fireworks 8. Same results in my opinion:

[Image: matrix_radiumv.jpg]
Quote:As a side note, I wish I was a robotic zombie ninja pirate.
Ah, but in the end only fun matters right Tongue And gimp is fun:
[Image: devil2.png]
(btw this is me contemplating linsux Wink jk)
[Image: freebasic.png]
I like Gimp. Photoshop chokes on png alpha maps, for some reason. Although, I do think Photshop is a little mre user friendly too.
I dont have photoshop so Gimp 2 is what I use. Thought I usually dont do any photo altering, just pixelart so graphicsgale does the work quite good enough for me.
[Image: rg_link.png]
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