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New new game project.
hay guys! Haven't been here in a while, and it looks like quite a few others are sharing that in common with me. But ANYWAY, I'm in the middle of yet another game project, which is not a fighting game this time, but actually a side-scrolling beat'em'up with RPG elements and all that good stuff. The engine is programmed in front of SDL and OpenGL (while the promising Cobra re-make only used SDL). This game, like my past failing projects, is coming along fairly well, and I can honestly say that I see it reaching completion, along with the fact that I'm motivated towards such since the college I'm going to in January would love to see it.

Some info on the game:

Programmed in Freebasic.
OpenGL & SDL.
1024x768 resolution.
Sounds, music, and all that stuff none of us put in our games for some reason.

...meh, I can't think of what else to bother listing, but it's actually pretty cool, so...

Check it out for yourself.
And in .zip format.

Z -- Quick attack (can be strung to a three hit combo with that character)
X -- Heavy attack (only works in the air as of now)
C -- Jump
Arrows -- Move (double-tap left or right to run)
Enter -- Exit.

And if for some retarded reason you can't download a ~5 MB file, here are some screenshots.
[Image: screenshot1.png]
In fact, NO. Here's one screenshot. If you can't download 5 MB in the year 2007, you are evading imprisonment anyway.

Here's some Youtube videos though. The top one is the most recent, and as you go down, you're going further back in the development state.
Very cool 8)

Only suggestion I have is the walking animation for the player seems a bit odd to me (looks like he's leaning back, I think the body should be more centered over the legs.)
It looks really cool! :bounce:
[Image: rg_link.png]
I'm a dog and I feel dirty baby
Rokkuman, this looks great! I'm downloading it.

BTW, you should show this is too!
Damn, I can't play this. The resolution is too demanding for both my PC and video card. Actually, I don't know if my video card can handle the game at all, or it runs it so slow for it to appear functioning. The game starts with some intro screen (some grey rectangles traveling on a white background really slow) and the music plays. I can't make it pass that, but even if I could, this thing would probably drag under 1 FPS. Hopefully I'll get a new PC before you complete the project.
This does look really cool, but I'm also unable to play it. Sad Might I suggest using hardware acceleration for such a high resolution?
Whoops, sorry I left you guys hanging. =]

Any "blank screens" or "white boxes" should be fixed with "this".

I can't remember exactly how far back this file is from where I am now, but I do know it should be fixing any issues with the screen. The problem was that the texture images weren't of a power of two.

HOWEVER, this "1 FPS" thing is something I've heard from someone else, and is a problem I'd like to get rid of. Download that, and let me know if it's still going super slow. And in the meantime, if anyone knows how to initialize SDL with OpenGL and Hardware acceleration, please tell me how. I THOUGHT I was doing it right, but results results... =]

Also, I'll stop by the Freebasic forums and drop it off there and see if I can get some feedback as well.

Here is a new video, that is also somewhat outdated now (the HUD works a bit now, in addition to the player losing health and dying)
I'm downloading the new version.

I should just say that I own a 7 years old PC, so you shouldn't sweat about my comments that the game runs too slow.

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