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.Help on Helpi

  Help on Help     Contents     Index     Product Support
  Use help as follows:
    ž To get help at any time, press F1 or click the right mouse button.
    ž To get help on any part of a BASIC statement, a QuickBASIC menu item
      or dialog box, position the cursor there press F1.
    ž To remove the help information from the screen, press ESC.
    ž To scroll help information, press PGDN.
  Look for the help display in either
    ž The Help window at the top of the screen
    ž A dialog box which pops up in the center of the screen
  In the Help window, use hyperlinks to display information about
  related topics.
    ž All BASIC keywords are hyperlinks
    ž Other hyperlinks can be identified because
      - Visually, they are bounded by highlighted arrowheads.
      - Pressing the TAB key moves the cursor to a hyperlink.
  To display the information that a hyperlink refers to, position the
  cursor anywhere on the hyperlink and press F1 or click the right
  mouse button.
  Tip: Press F6 or SHIFT+F6 to move the cursor into the Help window or
       move the mouse cursor into the Help window and click the left button.
  QuickBASIC saves the twenty most recently used hyperlinks. To review
  them press ALT+F1, repeatedly.
  You can use QuickBASIC commands to
    ž Copy text, such as a programming example, out of the Help window
      and paste it into the View window
    ž Find other uses of a term you want help on in the Help files.
      This is useful if the term is not a hyperlink.
  An alternative to the Help shortcut keys F1 and ALT+F1 is the Help
  menu commands. To pull down the Help menu, press ALT+H. Then,
  to choose a Help menu command, press the letter key that matches
  the highlighted letter in the command you want.
  Here is a summary of the Help menu commands:
    Command          Action
    ž Index          Lists all the BASIC keywords as hyperlinks in the
                     Help window
    ž Contents       Lists a set of general topics about BASIC and
                     QuickBASIC as hyperlinks in the Help window. For
                     example, this is the way to display information
                     about BASIC data types or expression operators.
    ž Topic:         Displays help on the item where the cursor is
    ž Help on Help   Displays the text you have just finished reading.
                     To display this help on help text at any time,
                     press SHIFT+F1.
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