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.BASIC Programming Language.

BASIC Programming Language
The right side of the Contents screen contains hyperlinks to information
about the BASIC programming language.
Topic                          Summary
Functional Keyword Lists     Display most of the BASIC keywords in groups
                               according to common programming tasks, such
                               as constructing a loop, defining a procedure,
                               getting input from the keyboard, or writing
                               data to a file.
Syntax Notation              Shows how to read the syntax information that
                               is displayed in the on-line help for BASIC
                               language keywords.
Fundamental Building Blocks  Gives the rules for composing BASIC program
                               lines character by character. Also lists the
                               special meaning of some characters (such as %,
                               !, or #) in a BASIC program line.
Data Types                   Summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of
                               using different data types and data structures
                               in your programs.
Expressions and Operators    Shows how to combine program variables into
                               expressions that calculate values, compare
                               values, and build new screens.
Modules and Procedures       Shows how to combine relatively short,
                               easy-to-understand modules of program text
                               into programs.
Selected Programs             A set of 10- to 20-line program modules that
                               do things programmers often want to do--such
                               as creating and writing to a data file.
ASCII Character Codes        These tables display values that programmers
Keyboard Scan Codes          often need to include in their programs.
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