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.KEY(n) Statement QuickSCREEN.

  QuickSCREEN      Details      Example      Contents      Index
KEY(n) - an event-trapping statement that start or stops trapping of
         specified keys
  KEY(n) ON
  KEY(n) OFF
    ž KEY(n) ON statement enables soft-key or cursor-direction-key event
      trapping by an ON KEY statement.
    ž KEY(n) OFF disables the event trap; even if an event takes place,
      it is not remembered.
    ž KEY(n) STOP inhibits the event trap; that is, if you press the
      specified key your action is remembered and an ON KEY event trap
      is executed as soon as a KEY(n) ON statement is executed.
See Also  KEY - for information on assigning soft-key values
          to function keys.
          ON KEY(n)
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