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.ON event Statements QuickSCREEN.

  QuickSCREEN      Details      Example      Contents      Index
ON event - Event trapping statements that indicate the first line
           of an event-trapping subroutine
  ON event GOSUB {linenumber | linelabel}
    ž event is a keyword that identifies the event to trap
    ž linelabel or linenumber is the first line of an event-handling
  ON event Statement           Type of Event Trapped
  ON COM(n)                  Characters received at communications port n
  ON KEY(n)                  Keystroke on key n
  ON PEN                     Lightpen activity
  ON PLAY(n)                 Less than n notes in background music buffer
  ON STRIG(n)                Activity on joystick trigger n
  ON TIMER(n)                Elapsed time event
See Also  COM(n) ON  KEY(n) ON  PEN ON  PLAY ON
          STRIG ON  TIMER ON
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