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.OPEN COM Statement QuickSCREEN.

  QuickSCREEN      Details      Example      Contents      Index
OPEN COM - a device I/O statement that opens and initializes a
           communications channel for I/O
  OPEN "COMn: optlist1 optlist2" [FOR mode] AS [#]filenum [LEN=reclen]
    ž n is either 1 or 2, and identifies the communications port to be opened
    ž optlist1 has the following syntax
      where the defaults are set for the transmission of text (rather than
      numeric) data. See Details if you are transmitting numeric data.
speed   bits per second ("baud rate"),³ data  number of data bits per byte,
        default is 300                ³       default is 7
parity  type of error checking,       ³ stop  number of stop bits after each
        default is Even               ³       data byte, default is 1
    ž optlist2 can specify up to ten other data communications handshaking
      parameters (see Details).
    ž filenum, an integer between 1 and 255, is any file number not already
      assigned to an open file
    ž mode and reclen are Details
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