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.PUT (Graphics) Statement QuickSCREEN.

  QuickSCREEN      Details      Example      Contents      Index
PUT - a graphics statement that places a graphic image obtained
      by a GET statement onto the screen
  PUT [STEP](x, y),arrayname[(indices)][,actionverb]
    ž (x,y) are the screen coordinates of the upper-left corner of the
      displayed image
    ž STEP enables you to use relative screen coordinates
    ž arrayname indicates the array where the image is stored
    ž indices enable you to start retrieving the image information from
      an array element other than the first one
    ž actionverb enables you to display the image with special effects,
      and must be one of the following keywords (XOR is the default):
PSET    Draws image as stored, wiping ³ XOR   Reverses points in the image
        out any existing image        ³       with those in existing image
PRESET  Draws image in reverse colors ³       or with background.
        wiping out any existing image ³       Used in successive PUT
AND     Merges stored image with      ³       statements, with time delays,
        existing image                ³       causes stored image to appear
OR      Superimposes stored image on  ³       and disappear. With movement
        existing image                ³       of image, animation is achieved
See also  GET (Graphics)
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