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.Selected Programs.

  Selected Programs   Contents   Index
Selected Programs
There are six sets of example programs, each containing several programs.
Each program is 10 to 20 lines long and carries out a function that is
often used in larger programs. For example, one of the File I/O programs
creates a new sequential data file on disk, accepts input from the keyboard,
and writes that data to the file - all with only 13 program lines.
  Control Flow programs
  File and Device I/O programs
  String Processing programs
  Error and Event Trapping programs
  Graphics programs
  Programs that demonstrate how to construct functions and procedures
These example programs differ from the programming examples that are
available for each BASIC keyword through on-line help. These programs
are more generally useful, and are not written to demonstrate the use
of one statement or function.
They also differ from the sample application programs such as INDEX.BAS and
TERMINAL.BAS. Those programs are much larger and more complex.
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