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.QuickBASIC Command Line.

  QuickBASIC Command Line   Contents   Index
QuickBASIC Command Line Options
The full syntax for the QB command is the following:
QB [/RUN [programname]][/B][/G][/H][/NOHI][/C: buffersize][/L [libraryname]]
   [MBF] [/AH] [/CMD string]
These options can be typed on the DOS command line following the QB command
and have the effects described. Use the options in the order listed.
Option              Description
/RUN [programname]  Causes QuickBASIC to load and run programname before
                    displaying it.
programname         Names the file to be loaded when QuickBASIC starts.
/B                  Allows the use of a composite (black-and-white) monitor
                    with a color graphics card. The /B option displays
                    QuickBASIC in black and white if you have a color monitor.
/G                  Sets QuickBASIC to update a CGA screen as fast as
                    possible. The option works only with machines using CGA
                    monitors. If you see snow (dots flickering on the
                    screen) when QuickBASIC updates your screen, then your
                    hardware cannot fully support the /G option. If you
                    prefer a clean screen, restart QuickBASIC without the
/H                  Displays the highest resolution possible on your
/NOHI               Allows the use of a monitor that does not support high
/C: buffersize      Sets the size of the buffer receiving data. This option
                    works only with an asynchronous communications card.
                    The default buffer size is 512 bytes; the maximum size
                    is 32,767 bytes.
/L [libraryname]    Loads the Quick library that is specified by libraryname.
                    If libraryname is not specified, the default Quick
                    library, QB.QLB, is loaded.
/MBF                Causes the QuickBASIC conversion functions to treat
                    IEEE-format numbers as Microsoft Binary format numbers.
/AH                 Allows dynamic arrays of records, fixed-length strings,
                    and numeric data to be larger than 64K each.
/CMD string         Passes string to the COMMAND$ function. This option
                    must be the last option on the line.
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