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.Version 4.5 Differences.

  Version 4.5 Differences   Contents   Index
Differences from Previous Versions of QuickBASIC
                                          QuickBASIC Version
Feature                        2.0          3.0           4.0          4.5
On-line QB Advisor              No           No            No          Yes
(detailed reference)
Selectable right mouse button   No           No            No          Yes
Instant Watches for variables   No           No            No          Yes
and expressions
Set default search paths        No           No            No          Yes
User-defined types              No           No            Yes         Yes
IEEE format, math coprocessor   No           Yes           Yes         Yes
On-line help                    No           No            Yes         Yes
Long (32-bit) integers          No           No            Yes         Yes
Fixed-length strings            No           No            Yes         Yes
Syntax checking on entry        No           No            Yes         Yes
Binary file I/O                 No           No            Yes         Yes
FUNCTION procedures             No           No            Yes         Yes
CodeView support                No           No            Yes         Yes
Compatibility with other        No           No            Yes         Yes
Multiple modules in memory      No           No            Yes         Yes
ProKey, SideKick, and           No           Yes           Yes         Yes
SuperKey compatibility
Insert/overtype modes           No           Yes           Yes         Yes
WordStar-style keyboard         No           No            Yes         Yes
Recursion                       No           No            Yes         Yes
Error listings during           No           Yes           Yes         Yes
separate compilation
Assembly-language listings      No           Yes           Yes         Yes
during separate compilation
Features New to QuickBASIC 4.5
You can now access on-line help for QuickBASIC's keywords, commands,
and menus, as well as general topics and your own variables. Examples
shown on help screens can be copied and pasted directly into your
own program, reducing development time.
Mouse users can now set the function of the right mouse button with the
Right Mouse command from the Options menu. Use the function that best
suits your needs.
For faster debugging, QuickBASIC now offers an Instant Watch command
for immediately identifying the value of a variable or the condition
(true or false) of an expression.
Version 4.5 also lets you set default search paths to specific types
of files. This lets you organize your files by type and keep them
in separate directories. QuickBASIC will search the correct directory
after you set the new default search path. You can set default paths
for executable, include, library, and help files.
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