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.LINE Statement QuickSCREENi

  QuickSCREEN      Details      Example      Contents      Index
LINE - a graphics statement that draws a line or box on the screen
  LINE [[STEP] (x1,y1)]-[STEP] (x2,y2) [,[color][,[B[F]][,style]]]
    ž (x2,y2) are the screen coordinates of the end of the line
    ž (x1,y1), if used, is the start of the line
    ž STEP, if used, enables you to specify relative screen coordinates
    ž color, B, BF, and style are Details
See Also  SCREEN statement  CIRCLE  PSET
  Tip: SCREEN is especially important because it determines the range of
       numbers you can use to specify (x2,y2).
Other Uses of the LINE Keyword
  LINE INPUT - to read an entire line of input from the keyboard and store
               it in one string variable
  LINE INPUT # - to retrieve an entire record from a sequential file and
                 store it into one string variable
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