Full Version: QuickHost2 Beta Opened
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Well, since we all retired from qbtk, quickhost2 (qh2) development has increased very rapidly. Over the past few weeks we've added feature after feature to try and create a successful and feature filled host for everyone. We are finally at the stage now where we think a beta will be appropriate and to show some of you what we've done.

The files now last for 90 days (with renewal capabilities) and users may upload up to a 5 mb file at once. Each user will be able to upload as much as 20mb total.

Here's the list of new features in qh2 (click to preview):

Quickhost2 Image setup will give code for forums, instant messengers, livejournals and websites.

Remember that QH2 is beta right now, so all bugs and errors should be reported through the forum: http://qh2.qbtk.com/forum.php

Also send all feedback about qh2 through the forums please.

Please remember to read the TOS before registration, thanks.
Try finishing it before releasing it ;D

I mean:
(register section)
(about QH2)

But apart from that, awesome, as usual guys Wink
Quote:Try finishing it before releasing it ;D

I mean:
(register section)
(about QH2)

But apart from that, awesome, as usual guys Wink

I'm confused, registration works, unless you are complaining about the blahs and blanks. As for those, it's a beta and those don't effect the actual quickhost, those are just there for looks :wink: .

When we are ready to release it to the general public and have qh2 up and running for good, we'll have everything done. Right now we are hoping to get many people testing uploads and features to make sure everything works.

Thanks for the good report though.
oh, its still beta? I didnt realise.

yeah, i was refering to the text still being [blah] [blah] [blah]
nice work! I am checking it out now! Big Grin
I don't think I mentioned that we want to give a big thanks to Oracle's GeSHi for making highlighting so easy.

Also, do what you can to try and create errors and bugs and try to crash it for us. If you are able to do something, take a screenshot and post it here for us.