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My first RPG sprite - ak00ma - 01-28-2003

That's my first RPG sprite. I know that it's not very nice, but could you tell me what you think about it and give some advice.

[Image: spritec.gif]

My first RPG sprite - na_th_an - 01-28-2003

Oh, it is very nice, I like it. If you want an advice, get rid of that black outline. Don't use black but a darker shade of the zone you are outlining, adding some "outline shading" to make things a little bit more anti-aliased. I think I saw a tut about how to do that.

I usually use that black outline only to take the sprite appart from the background, that is, I only use it in the limits of my sprites. Inside it, I use coloured outlines, often with shading.

This is a sprite I created a bit ago for the scripted adventure game interpreter I was writing:

[Image: spr1.gif]

Note how I use different colour for the inner outlines and black for the outer outlines. This is 'cause I was using dark backgrounds.