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screen 12 RPG - LPG - 04-14-2008

Try to make a QB4.5 screen 12 RPG game engine with rooms read from files. If you want to make a room editor. don't use the mouse or any assembly code. do some nice colors using this palette code:
out &h3c8, colour to change ( 0 - 15 )
out &h3c8, amount of red ( 0 - 63 )
out &h3c8, amount of green ( 0 - 63 )
out &h3c8, amount of blue ( 0 - 63 )
if your rpg doesn't match the criteria post it anyway as i would like to see a finished RPG.

Re: screen 12 RPG - wildcard - 04-21-2008

Any particular reason for being screen 12 specific? I think screen 13 has always been favoured because it gives a better colour range. You can also use palette to change the colours, just involves a bit of a formula.

Re: screen 12 RPG - LPG - 04-27-2008

I like screen 12 because the text doesn't look all pixelated and the resolution is good. if you know a way to make screen 13's text and graphics higher res please post it.

Re: screen 12 RPG - LPG - 04-27-2008

I also like screen 12 because screen 13 is favoured so all rpg's are in screen 13/ it would be nice to see something differant

Re: screen 12 RPG - roy - 04-27-2008

You can change screens during a program.

Re: screen 12 RPG - LPG - 04-27-2008

that makes thing rather confusing and it clears the screen.

screen 12 RPG - D.slert - 10-29-2009

I just have to find out how to make my projector do that now. 

I just bought a 107" x 12yard roll of heavy duty photography backdrop super white paper to use as a DIY screen.