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Finished album (ambient/electronic genre) - toad - 09-27-2009

Hey what's up. I've finally completed an album I started several years ago. It's only released in a few specific places, and I wanted to include the whole QB/FB scene which I grew up with. The genre is ambient/electronic, a style that uses sounds and music to provoke a kind of mental-visual experience.

[Image: cover_small.png]
Artist: winterpoem
Album: (untitled debut)</a>

Comments and feedback are great. Smile  The album was recently remastered. You can download freely. Please request permission for professional use, or for use in personal projects.

Re: Finished album (ambient/electronic genre) - wildcard - 09-29-2009

I've just listened to the first song "Elevator" and it has a great relaxed/chill vibe to it, would make for a great atmospheric song in the right game. Am downloading the rest of them now.