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Challenges - whitetiger0990 - 06-01-2003

Summer Break for me is coming soon. And teachers aren't giving out as much HW as they used to. So I need stuff to fill up my time. I love QBasic but at times theres absolutly nothing, CAN YOU HEAR ME!, nothing to do! Oh woe is me! I look for challenges to hope to save myself from that evil boredom, but alas! Nothing to be found! They must be more challenges. I enter in them then nothing more. There must be more challenges.

So, what do you think?

Challenges - seph - 06-01-2003

Finish Subshock.

Challenges - pr0gger - 06-01-2003

do you know the things I would give to have nothing to fill my time with? Wink

Challenges - whitetiger0990 - 06-01-2003

If it's money can i have some? :lol:

Challenges - wizardlife - 06-01-2003

Quote:do you know the things I would give to have nothing to fill my time with? Wink

I so agree. (yet here I am surfing forums...)

Challenges - Lanzaa - 06-01-2003

Yeah i get board too i want ez chalenges though not hard ones like screen savers :lol:

Challenges - na_th_an - 06-01-2003

You can form a rock band.

Challenges - whitetiger0990 - 06-01-2003

Here are 10 reasons why I wouldn't join a rock band:

1. Why would I join a rock band? After reading this see number 2
2. See number 3
3. See number 10
4. See number 7
5. See number 6
6. See number 1
7. See number 9
8. See number 4
9. see number 5
10. See number 8

Challenges - wizardlife - 06-02-2003

Quote:You can form a rock band.

Lol. I wish I knew other folks my age who could jam. One of my best friends is good on piano, but doesn't have any musical sense at all.

Playing music by yourself is no fun...

Challenges - seph - 06-02-2003

Then play with me WinkWink

I mean music, you sick sick fucks Smile