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New messages - whitetiger0990 - 06-07-2003

Every once and awhile a come to here and check whats been posted. I check one post and when i leave to check another. The Blue checkmark thing says that i had previously look at it. What going on

New messages - oracle - 06-07-2003

Could you explain that in english please?

The blue checkbox means that there is a new post since your last visit. If you go to view it and then click the back button the browser just loads the page out of cache and it will say you haven't read it. To refresh you have to click on the actual forum link after you have read the post and reload the page.

New messages - whitetiger0990 - 06-07-2003

I mean i come to the forum index. There are some messages. I click one to seee what it says. After i am done i go back to the index. It marked things read that i hadn't yet.

New messages - pr0gger - 06-07-2003

In order for it to say that you have "read" that forum, you have to read all the threads with new posts.

New messages - whitetiger0990 - 06-07-2003

I know. But sometimes it automaticly sets it to read when i haven't yet.

New messages - Hexadecimal Disaster - 06-07-2003

Yeh, yeh, yeh... doesn't matter. In that situation, you can use the search system of this forum. Simply search for the author "*", and in the options specify "Search previous 1 day" (or more), then hit Search. And you'll get almost the same functionality as "view posts since last visit".

New messages - wildcard - 06-07-2003

I found that happens to me too. If I just go to one forum and open a message there and then go back to the main index it makes all forums read. What I do is open all forums at the same time.