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QB Colony Update - wildcard - 02-01-2003

Megaman has updated The QB Colony website with 3 new reviews and a interview with the person responsible for "defacing" on the QBnews forum. Visit the site at http://www.members.aol.com/megapjh/

QB Colony Update - Agamemnus - 02-01-2003


The links do not seem to be working.

I guess it's deleted.

Or is it?

QB Colony Update - . - 02-02-2003

Quote:nonick_defacer@hotmail.com says:
now i have to go... i go see simpsons

Hilarious! everyone, good or evil, thing or devil, watches the simpsons!

QB Colony Update - Rokkuman - 02-03-2003

Yeah, Simpsons is what brings everone together.

QB Colony Update - Lachie Dazdarian - 02-05-2003

Love the update!